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residential and commercial service

Whether you need to paint a single room or the entire house, no task is small. BCS is willing to take every project to satisfy our clients needs. We provide our customers the freedom to choose the style and texture of the paint to their liking. Our team is skilled to bring finesse in all styles of paint, whether it is chic, contemporary, traditional or modern.

We are experienced in taking up painting projects for offices, hotels, retail stores and schools. Every client is catered differently and are satisfied according to their requirements. We believe in delivering the best and keeping our clients free from the stress of our work.

smooth and hassle free experience

We take great care of your belongings while carrying out job and try to adjust our work schedule according to your routine.

Before we begin our work, we make sure every inch of the room and every piece of furniture is covered with sheets. We only move necessary things and make sure we return them to their original place at the end of the day.

Why paint the walls yourself when you have a dedicated team that delivers extraordinary workmanship, takes care of all your belongings and leave no traces of mess behind.
smooth and hassle free experience
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quality renovations

Whether you’re interested in adding designs and vibrant color scheme to your wall or want to keep it simple, our decorating team will be delighted to deliver you your room just as you want.

At BCS, we offer all styles of painting and decorating services.

comprehensive service

Our team of professionals is friendly and considerate about your belonging.

They understand your needs and adjust to it in a way that they neither disturb you and nor cause unnecessary delays completing the job.

efficient execution

For efficient execution of the project, our team is skilled enough to understand the client's requirements and manage the timelines accordingly.

All painters are fully skilled to prepare paint surfaces, repair abrupt patches, and use correct techniques to deliver a smooth final coat.