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Disabled  Adaptations

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fully acessible interiors

fully acessible interiors

Building Contractor & Service Ltd. specializes in making homes adaptable without making structural changes. Our experts propose design modification after assessing the lifestyle and living space of the client and their needs. We add adaptability to your home according to your short-term and long-term needs.

Making home suitable for people with restricted mobility is as simple as making a couple of modifications like raising bathroom equipment to approachable height and widening passageways to add convenience. As we bring changes to your home, we make sure that all home pieces of equipment are fully accessible to everyone in the home.

tailored solutions to meet all needs

BCS has the perfect solution to make homes adaptable for disables and old age. We work with our clients very closely to identify their needs and to come up with the most appropriate solution, without making drastic changes to the living space.

Our expertise includes installation of support rail bars, access ramps, adding hoist system to shower cabin, and moving equipment at an accessible height. We keep your needs under consideration from start to end of the project while maintaining our promise to cause minimal disruption.

From designing to installing equipment to giving finishing touches, our specialized team takes care of every aspect.
tailored solutions to meet all needs
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perfect adaptability

Our solutions are perfectly adaptable to your needs, and we believe in tailoring only the essential equipment in your house.

While making homes adaptable, we ensure your requirements are fully met, and the house still looks the same.

safety and ease of use

We bring adaptability to your home not only by making equipment accessible but also safe to use. Every aspect is brought into consideration before making changes to your home.

BCS specializes in making the home safer and adaptable for every age group.

complete support

At BCS, our topmost priority is to provide reliable service. Our supportive and friendly team delivers results in line with the client’s expectations.

We strive to maintain our reputation by ensuring seamless transformations of our home.