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House Refurbishments North London

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complete coverage from start to finish

complete coverage from start to finish

Refurbishment projects can give your house or flat a new look. Such projects provide you with a chance to transform your routine life by adding the color of your choice. Though, the task is not an easy one as you need someone to guide you through the idea generation phase, to making realistic transformation plans, and delivering perfect execution according to your specifications.

You would have to find the right architect or interior designer to bring your thoughts into realizable targets and then align a builder who can bring all those ideas into life. Or you can let us take the burden as you relax and watch the transformation happen.

well planned and expertly executed

Let BCS – Building Contractor & Services Ltd carry your burden and fulfill your dreams. With more than 15 years of experience in flat or house refurbishments, we can assure you of a house to an inch of perfection.

Our projects are carried out with the highest precision, flawless coordination, and timely execution to give you an unmatched refurbishment. Our project management team ensures that all processes are followed as per plan, and the execution is within the financial commitments made with you.

Refurbishment requires a lot of experience and expertise from the very beginning of the project, and BCS has everything you need to do it right.
well planned and expertly executed
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full or partial makeovers

Refurbishment projects offer the clients to choose a plan as per their specific needs and budget constraints.

With BCS, you can decide whether you want to go a full refurbishment of your place or for a partial refurbishment that will continue over a certain period of time.

interiors and exteriors

Whether you're planning to redesign the house from the inside or giving your house a completely new look from the outside, BCS has a team of experts lined up for you to make the changes to your house just as you want.

skilled and friendly team

Our team of experts deals with all sorts of building activities.

Whether you are looking forward to polishing your floors, painting your walls or be it the delicate glass work in the house, our team will ensure that all your dreams are met.
We operate in London and surrounding areas - Hackney, Islington.