Benefits of House Extensions North West London

Whether you have a bundle of joy coming, a home filled with teenagers demanding their rooms, or want to build a picture-perfect haven for relaxation, a house extension in North West London is best for enhancing living space. Not only are these extensions a cost-effective substitute for moving, but they also add to your property’s value.

If you are considering a house extension, but are not entirely committed, then BCS Building Contractor is here to help! We realize that any building work on your home is a noteworthy investment, and you should be set on your decision prior to scheduling any work. Here are some of the benefits that you will accomplish when hiring a contractor in North West London.

Design Freedom and Flexibility
Moving into a house or purchasing one implies that you will be residing in a space that was another person’s vision. On the contrary, when you plan a house extension with BCS, you will have the complete liberty to design it according to your taste. We believe in listening to your demands and building a home that you will love.  

Tailor the design to your needs
At BCS Building Contractor, you will have the ability to customize every little detail and house component. As a result, you will get an extension that suits the needs of your family. From doors and windows to the general architecture, each aspect of your house can be made bespoke to your desires. We will pair you with a skilled architect who will be responsible for bringing your dreams to life. Moreover, our team of experts will give you a complete drawing to be well aware of the house extension design before the construction commences.

Planning Permission
One of the major benefits of a house extension in North West London is that you will not need to apply for planning permission. The majority of property owners will not have to worry about this. However, if you face any issues, then hiring BCS Building Contractor will save you from this hassle. We will take care of everything from planning permissions to the final cleaning as well.